Stealth Learning

As well as giving parents a creative outlet, providing a regular activity that can become part of your routine, and meeting other local parents, your kids can benefit in the following ways.  But because they are having fun, they probably won’t even realise that they are learning!

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  • Building confidence: learn by doing, gain encouragement and praise for brilliant work.


  • Developing co-ordination by scrunching paper, holding and moving brushes or pens, using scissors, pouring, etc.


  • Increasing concentration by having specific tasks to follow


  • Learning about boundaries and rules


  • Learning about colours, shapes (including letters), textures


  • Developing imagination


  • Practising creative thinking and solving problems


  • Expressing themselves and their ideas


  • Trying new things that might not work - and learning from it


  • Teamwork: making group creations, helping to tidy up


  • Thought and discussion: taking part in reviewing the activity and artwork